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Asphalt Paving Company Services You May Need

Whether it is from commercial parking lots or residential driveways, asphalt is one of the most popular paving materials to use. Luckily, you can hire an asphalt paving company to assist you with the vast majority of the work that this part of the property may require.

Replacing Worn Or Damaged Asphalt Pavement 

Despite the fact that asphalt is an extremely durable material, it can be vulnerable to suffering damage. Over time, it will suffer extensive wear due to the asphalt gradually becoming brittle and cracking. Once it has reached the end of its usable life, the asphalt pavement will have to be replaced. An asphalt paving company will have the equipment that is needed to break up and remove the previous layer of asphalt so that the new one can be applied. In fact, some of these services may even use recycling options for the asphalt that they remove from the property.

Patching Isolated Damages To The Asphalt Pavement

While widespread or severe structural damage may require the asphalt pavement to be fully replaced, there can be other instances where there may be relatively isolated damage to the pavement. As long as these damages are relatively small, there are patching options that may be used to restore the integrity and appearance of the asphalt pavement. Applying these patches can be surprisingly difficult due to the need for the asphalt patch to be heated before application as well as the difficulty of ensuring that the patch will be level with the surrounding pavement. If you are wanting this repair to be done as easily as possible while still providing quality results, an asphalt paving company may be able to complete this repair work for your property's pavement.

Performing Seal Coating And Other Routine Asphalt Maintenance

Generally, asphalt pavement will not have extensive maintenance needs, but there are some tasks that should be done to it in order to extend the life of the pavement. One example of this could be the application of a seal coat to the pavement. This coating is able to prevent moisture from entering the pores of the pavement where it could cause extensive damage. In addition to having the pavement seal coated, it may also benefit from periodic pressure washing. This is especially important for driveways and parking lots. While pressure washing the pavement can make it more attractive, it will also remove vehicle fluids that could have leaked on it. If these fluids are not removed, they may cause the asphalt to become brittle.

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