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The Benefits Of Asphalt And The Benefits Of Sealcoating

Asphalt makes a great surface for everything from public roadways and large parking lots to residential driveways. Asphalt offers many advantages for various surfaces, which you can learn more about below. Also, you can learn why sealcoating your asphalt should be done every few years. 

The advantages of asphalt

Asphalt can be a great-looking surface that's sleek and smooth. It is quiet to drive on and level to walk on. It offers a nice grip for both tires and the soles of shoes. This surface handles all types of weather, and other environmental issues well. It can last for decades with the proper care. The flexibility gives it just enough movement to accommodate things like the ground swelling from moisture, shrinking from the heat, and shaking from earthquakes or other soil shifts. 

When asphalt starts to show signs of cracking, the cracks can be filled to prevent worse problems. While fixing damages to other surfaces tends to be a big deal, it is generally much easier with asphalt. Also, asphalt can be protected throughout the years with fresh coats of sealcoating that offer many of its own benefits. 

The advantages of sealcoating

When asphalt is first paved, you will likely be impressed by how nice it really looks. However, as with anything, age and the elements will start to wear on it. You'll see it getting lighter, more porous, and possibly beginning to show signs of small cracks. The small cracks can be easily filled, then sealcoating can be applied to the top layer of the surface. 

As soon as the sealcoating is applied, you will see the asphalt instantly look like it did when it was originally paved. Not only will it look so much nicer, but if it's a parking lot, then you can repaint the lot and the paint will show brightly against the black surface. This helps to make parking lots safer for both vehicles and pedestrians. If it's your driveway being sealcoated, then you may be surprised by how much of an improvement it will be. 

Sealcoating will cover the older, more porous asphalt surface and make it smooth and glossy again. It will also help to bring more moisture, which is great since very dry asphalt will start to crack. The sealcoat also protects it against things like gas and grease. These can cause the asphalt to begin falling apart and even crumble, so this protection is important.

For more information on sealcoating services, contact a professional near you.