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Asphalt Sealants

Petroleum crude oil is used during the production of asphalt products. The oily properties of asphalt cause paved surfaces to bind with motor oil and gasoline. Liquid spills can spoil the appearance of fresh asphalt. If you are having new pavement installed on your commercial property, choose one of the following asphalt sealings to protect the pavement. Coal Tar Emul

Tips For Using An Asphalt Recycling Machine When Running Your Asphalt Paving Business

If you run an asphalt paving business but do not already have an asphalt recycling machine, then this is an investment that you will probably want to make sometime soon. You might already know that you want to use an asphalt recycling machine, but you might be looking for as much advice as you can get since you might be new to the process. This advice should help you

3 Steps for Adding a New Driveway

If your home doesn't currently have a paved driveway, then adding one can be a massive boost to its liveability and long-term value. However, installing a new driveway can come with a few challenges. Although your paving contractor will help you work through these, it's helpful to know the steps you'll face before you begin the process. Whether you're adding a long dr

Asphalt Is the Ideal Paving Material for a Driveway

Parking a car in a driveway that isn't properly paved is a big mistake, as it can leave the car dirty and damaged. Whether a driveway is paved with concrete, bricks, or asphalt, any material is better than parking a car on an unpaved driveway that is full of dirt and rocks. If you are tired of your unpaved driveway damaging the paint on your car from rocks scratching

3 Signs That Indicate You Need Commercial Paving

If you are a business owner, one of your main concerns should be your building's exterior condition. It needs to be attractive, comfortable, and safe for everyone that visits your premises. It may be tempting to overlook the signs that show your paving needs repair or replacement. But if you notice the signs and take the appropriate action, it can last longer. Here ar