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Six Things You Shouldn't Assume About Building With Pavers

Pavers are a great building material option whether you're having a patio, deck, or garden path constructed on your property. Unfortunately, some homeowners make assumptions that they shouldn't about pavers.

The following are six things that you shouldn't assume when it comes to building with pavers.

Pavers are not durable and create constructions that don't last long.

Some people incorrectly assume that surfaces constructed from pavers are necessarily weak because paver construction involves building with many interlocking pieces rather than a solid surface. The truth is that a surface built with pavers can be just as durable or more durable than a surface built from a concrete slab, for example. 

It costs too much to build with pavers.

Building a deck or patio with pavers may require a significant initial investment. However, the cost of building with pavers is generally comparable to the total cost of building with other materials over the long term.

Other materials like blacktop and concrete can require higher maintenance costs through the years. This can make the long-term cost of pavers the same or lower than the cost of other deck and patio materials. 

Pavers don't look good.

There are many reasons why some people assume that pavers won't offer the aesthetic appeal that they're going for. Some homeowners think that pavers won't look good because they won't be perfectly even and may shift in position through the years so that they look even more disorderly over time. 

Pavers are actually one of the best options available when it comes to aesthetics for homeowners who are choosing deck and patio materials. 

Pavers aren't good for surrounding a pool.

A lot of homeowners with pools make the assumption that pavers aren't good around pools because they need a rigid, solid material such as concrete to surround a pool. Pavers can actually be very convenient around a pool because they can make it easier to access the pipes underneath the deck surface when pool repairs are needed. 

You can't prevent weeds from growing up between pavers.

Weed growth can be an issue in a paver deck or patio, but fortunately, there are ways to minimize or prevent this problem. It's possible to prevent weeds from coming up between pavers by having polymeric sand placed between paver joints. 

You can easily install pavers yourself.

Homeowners frequently make the mistake of thinking that paver installations are simple and easy to complete as DIY projects. However, it's always best to leave paver installation to the professionals if you want the best possible end result.