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Colored Asphalt For Residential Property

An acrylic-based color coating that is applied over fresh asphalt will beautify a newly paved surface. Learn how a contractor will prepare and apply a coating to new pavement.

Enhanced Asphalt

Residential asphalt services include the removal of old asphalt, excavating and grading land, and pouring fresh asphalt. Some paving contractors offer custom pavement services. Adding color to asphalt will draw attention to the pavement. A pigment can be added directly to a hot mix.

Pigment will mix with the dark color of asphalt. If a color blending process that involves the use of fresh asphalt is going to be used, there will be a limit to the number of color shades that can be attained.

One way to acquire a wide range of colors is by selecting an acrylic-based color coating that can be applied over fresh asphalt. A contractor will pour asphalt and wait for it to cure. Afterward, they will prepare a color coating and add it to the pavement.


An acrylic-based coating that is designed to be applied over asphalt is waterproof. Because the coating is applied to dry asphalt, it is possible to add a light or dark color to new pavement. The coating will bond directly to the surface of the asphalt. 

Consider some ways that colored asphalt can benefit a residential property owner. For instance, if a property owner lives in a climate that is relatively hot during the summer, they may be interested in products that will keep the pavement cool.

A contractor can advise the property owner on various acrylic-based coatings that will reflect the sun's rays. Once a coating has been applied to new pavement, the pavement won't heat up like it would if a coating wasn't added to it.

A contractor may feature acrylic-based products that will improve the texture of the pavement. If inclement weather often leads to slippery paved surfaces, the addition of a textured coating can make pavement safer to use during the winter. Textured materials that are blended with a coating product will not negatively impact the aesthetical appeal of the coating.

Application Steps

If a contractor offers pavement customization services, a customer can consult with the contractor about the color shade that they would like added to the new pavement. A coating product will be blended in advance. One or more colors can be used to prepare a coating product. Once the product has been stirred, a contractor will use a roller to apply the coating to the new asphalt.

For more information about residential asphalt services, contact a local company.