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When Can You Use Your New Asphalt Surface?

If an asphalt paving contractor has just installed a new surface or intends to mount it in a few days, you may have concerns about when to use it. Will it be alright to use the pavement in a day? Or do you have to wait longer? 

All pavement materials take time to dry, and asphalt is no exception. It is better to wait instead of using the surface before it dries, as this could create damage. While the duration varies depending on different factors, the surface will take several days to dry completely. 

This post will answer some common questions about the asphalt paving drying process.

When Will the Surface Dry Up?

Asphalt is a reliable paving material for your parking lot or driveway. Although it's resilient, it will require some time to dry properly. Usually, the duration varies depending on climatic conditions, humidity levels, temperature, and pavement thickness. So, the surface will take longer to dry if it's cold or humid.

Your paving contractor will consider the climatic conditions to determine an ideal day to install the asphalt surface. So, do not ignore their suggestion if they pick a particular day for this project.

Can You Hasten the Drying Procedure?

Before the asphalt paving contractor leaves, they'll probably recommend measures to reduce the drying time. For instance, they may suggest using a heat lamp if you reside in cold areas. Leaving the heat pump over the surface for some time will allow it to dry faster.

How Do You Know That the Surface Is Ready for Use?

The contractor you hire will likely mention how long you should wait before you use the new surface. Once that period lapses, confirm that the surface is dry. 

The surface will be dry if it is:

What Shouldn't You Do as You Wait?

There are some precautions to observe as you wait for the driveway to dry. First, don't allow anyone to walk or drive over the surface. Also, do not use a cleaner on this surface unless dry. These products may damage the uncured surface. Moreover, do not wash the pavement, as this will interfere with the drying procedure.

It's always better to call an asphalt services provider to discuss the readiness of the new pavement if you are in doubt. They may even send one of their team members to check and determine if you can start using the surface. 

For more info about asphalt services, contact a local company.