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Asphalt Services That You'll Need For Your Business Parking Lot And Driveway

If your business has an asphalt driveway and parking lot, you'll need regular asphalt services to keep them in good shape. It's natural for asphalt to dry out over the years, and when that happens, the asphalt looks faded and it can crack or crumble. Regular maintenance prevents these problems so your parking lot and driveway last a long time. Here's what you need to do to keep your asphalt in good shape.

Sweep The Asphalt Occasionally

Your parking lot may accumulate litter, debris, and sand. The accumulation of debris makes your lot look neglected, but a more serious problem is the grit and hard debris can cause damage over time when cars drive over it. Establish a sweeping schedule so sand and grit are removed regularly.

Sealcoat The Asphalt To Protect It

Sealcoating is an important part of asphalt maintenance. The coating keeps your parking lot dark so it doesn't look faded and worn down. The coating also protects the asphalt from sun damage. If UV rays can't get to the asphalt, the asphalt won't degrade as quickly.

You might need a new sealcoat put on every few years, but the amount of traffic you get on your lot matters. If you have a lot of daily traffic, the sealcoat may wear away quicker, and you'll need to have it applied more often.

Fill In Cracks When They're Small

It's also important to keep up with filling cracks. Cracks will get bigger if you don't, and they can even turn into potholes. You may want your lot to be inspected every year and if cracks are found, have them sealed. Cracks usually need to be sealed in warm weather since the materials used don't do well in the winter when it's cold.

When you work with an asphalt services contractor, they can set up a schedule for sealcoating and making repairs so your lot stays in good condition.

Put In New Asphalt

At some point, the asphalt in your driveway and parking lot will be so old that it has to be replaced. Instead of tearing out your old lot and putting in a new one, the contractor might just pour some new asphalt over the old. This isn't always a good choice, and you'll still need to have a new driveway at some point if the base develops problems.

Putting in a new lot or driveway involves tearing out the old materials and working on the base and starting the paving process from scratch. It's disruptive to put a new parking lot in, but once it's done, your new lot should last many years as long as you keep up with maintenance. 

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