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Restoring Your Parking Lot With An Asphalt Overlay

A business's parking lot will experience major wear and damage that will require regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Depending on the extent of the wear or damage that your parking lot has suffered, asphalt overlays may be an important solution. 

Asphalt Overlays Are A Quick And Effective Repair For Widespread Surface Cracks, Discoloration, And Depressions

Many of the damages that your parking lot will experience as a result of wear and tear will occur to the surface. In particular, surface cracks, discoloration, and deep depressions can form on the surface of the pavement. The process of applying an asphalt overlay is one solution for repairing these issues. During this process, a layer of asphalt will be applied over the surface of the parking lot. While this can be very effective at restoring the surface damage the asphalt has suffered, it may not be suitable in situations where the pavement is suffering from significant structural or foundation problems.

The Overlay Process Involves More Than Simply Pouring A New Layer Of Asphalt

The process of applying an overlay to your parking lot will involve more than simply pouring a layer of asphalt on it. For example, the upper portion of the asphalt's surface may need to be removed as it could have suffered enough wear and tear to be an unstable foundation for the new layer. Additionally, the new layer of asphalt will have to be thoroughly compacted. This compaction will involve the use of powerful machinery to press the new layer of asphalt so that it will be dense. This can greatly increase the strength of the asphalt so that it can better support the weight of the vehicles that are on it.

An Asphalt Overlay Will Require The Parking Lot To Be Closed For Several Days

The application of an asphalt overlay will be able to extend the life of your parking lot for a decade or longer. However, this project will require the parking lot to be closed for several days. In addition to the time that is needed for the application of the new asphalt overlay, it will also need enough time to fully dry and cure. If your business wants to avoid completely closing its parking lot, performing this work in a series of phases may be one solution. However, this will increase the costs of this work, and you may want to compare the potential additional costs it could require to determine whether it is worth this effort.

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