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Sealcoating: Can You Renew Your Asphalt Driveway?

If oil stains, dirt, and other things cover the surface of your asphalt driveway, you may decide to replace the driveway in the near future. Unless your driveway contains large cracks and other serious defects, consider sealcoating it instead. Sealcoating can introduce new life into your driveway without replacing it. Learn how sealcoating can introduce new life into your asphalt driveway below.

What Does Sealcoating Do?

Although an asphalt driveway can last many years before you need to replace it, oil, dirt, and the weather can damage the pavement before its time. Stained or faded asphalt can make your home and property look less than attractive. If you don't take care of your driveway right away, it can slowly break down or degrade. Paving contractors can save your driveway with sealcoating. 

Sealcoating, or sealing, allows contractors to cover the surface of your driveway with a special liquid. The liquid contains a blend of water, industrial-grade silica sand, and additives. The ingredients work together to form a dark, sticky substance that dries to a hard finish after installation. 

Sealcoating can also fill in and minimize the appearance of thin or small pavement cracks, scratches, and rough patches. Small defects can gradually widen and allow debris and water to enter them during the year. 

If you think sealcoating your driveway can make it look new again, contact a paving contractor for an appointment today. 

Who Can Sealcoat Your Driveway?

Before a paving contractor adds a layer of sealcoating to your driveway, they'll inspect it. The cracks, scratches, and rough patches on your driveway may not be the only things your driveway has to cover. The base of your driveway may be sunken into the soil beneath it. A contractor can check the structural integrity of your driveway to see if it requires additional services before they sealcoat it.

If your driveway is fine, a contractor can prepare it for sealcoating. A contractor may need to sweep or clean the surface of the pavement to remove small rocks, loose dirt, and leaves from it. If the pavement is exceptionally dirty, a contractor may use a power washer to clean it.

After the driveway is clean and dry, a contractor will apply a thin coating of liquid over it. The liquid must dry to a smooth finish before you can drive or walk over the pavement. 

You can learn more about asphalt sealcoating your driveway by calling a paving contractor today.