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Does Your Driveway Need Paving Repair?

If your driveway needs paving repair, you have to realize the signs your driveway is aging or failing and then call a paving repair specialist to get the work done. You can get residential paving done in as little as a single day if you catch repair needs in time. Repairs need not be costly or time-consuming for smaller repair jobs, but if you put off the needed work for a long time, your entire driveway may need to be redone.

The best way to keep your paved driveway in ideal condition is to have residential paving repair done when it's needed and before the driveway starts to fail entirely. Here are signs your driveway needs some paving repair; call a paving specialist for an appointment.

Your driveway has cracks or potholes

The earth shifting is often what causes deep cracks and those little potholes you see in roadways, driveways, and parking lots. Just like these things have to be repaired in larger paved areas, they have to be repaired in smaller paved areas as well. Your paving repair specialist will examine your driveway for weak areas to see if anything other than shifting foundations is the cause of your cracked drive and will make the repairs needed. You can also get your driveway sealed at this time to help keep moisture out and help your driveway look better and last longer.

Your driveway has lots of stains

Your paved driveway is porous whether it is paved in asphalt or cement. You can get your residential paving repair pro to come and repair the surface material so it is free of stains. Severely stained sections may need to be removed and replaced so your driveway looks better.

Your driveway is older

Like most things, a paved driveway will wear out with time. Depending on where your driveway is and how it's set up — such as going at a steep incline, for example — your driveway may last several years. An older driveway will crack and wear out with time and have edges that need to be cleaned up, or it will have so much exposed substrate or lower sediment it will need to be replaced.

Often, repairs are much cheaper than replacing a driveway entirely, and if you get repairs done as they are needed, your investment in your driveway will last a long time. Call a residential paving repair professional for a quote.