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Talk To An Asphalt Company About Installing A Walking Trail At Your Senior-Living Complex

If you own a senior apartment complex or assisted living facility, you might be thinking of adding a trail around your property for walking and biking. Trails can be made from a number of things, but gravel, dirt, mulch, or other loose material is probably not ideal for seniors since the material may shift underfoot and cause someone to fall. Plus, loose materials are difficult for wheelchairs and bicycles to use.

That leaves asphalt and concrete. You may find after comparing the two, that asphalt is the best choice for your trail. Here's why.

Asphalt Is The Less Expensive Option

Cost is important to consider. When you want to control costs, asphalt is the best option. The materials are less expensive and there is less time and labor involved in the installation of asphalt.

Get an estimate of cost from your asphalt paving company and a concrete contractor so you can compare current rates in your local area. You'll probably find asphalt costs less, and the good thing is you don't have to sacrifice quality to save money.

Asphalt Is A Little Softer And More Flexible

Being a softer and more flexible material has advantages. Even though asphalt is still hard, it may be easier for seniors to walk longer distances with less discomfort than it would be to pound against harder concrete. Being flexible makes asphalt a good choice if your trail will have some hills and dips in it.

Asphalt Is Easy To Repair

When you get your asphalt trail installed, you'll want the asphalt company to maintain it for you so cracks are filled while they're small. Asphalt is easy to repair, and it can last many years, but only if you keep up with repairs. Cracks let in rain, and your trail will deteriorate if cracks aren't filled before they lead to more severe damage.

Asphalt Is An Attractive Surface

New asphalt has an attractive dark surface, and you can keep the trail dark by having it sealcoated every few years. The attractive nature of an asphalt trail makes it enhance your property and brings enjoyment to the people who use it whether they walk, bike, or just sit by the trail to enjoy the scenery.

Asphalt Can Be Marked Easily

You can create lanes with striping, arrows, and other signs for your trail by using striping paint. White paint on black asphalt is easily seen by those using the trail so they know where they should walk or bike to keep everyone safe.

Reach out to an asphalt company to learn more.