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5 Factors That Impact The Timeline For Building Your Parking Lot

The parking lot is an underappreciated but vital part of your commercial property. But how long will it take to install? The answer varies depending on a number of factors. Here are some that may affect your timeline. 

1. Project Size

It comes as no surprise that the size of the parking lot affects its timeline. However, with a parking lot, this may not simply be a matter of square footage. A large lot may also need to be completed in sections, either for manageability or to accommodate your need to use the space. And, of course, a skilled and experienced contractor is more likely to complete a larger project more efficiently than a less experienced contractor. 

2. Weather

Any outdoor construction project can be impacted by the weather. Bad weather not only causes delays in the ability to physically work and transport materials but also slows down the curing process needed to harden many paving materials. Conversely, overly hot or dry weather may cause materials to dry out and harden too quickly. 

3. The Lot's Condition

What currently exists where your new parking lot will be? You may be able to lay down a new parking lot over an existing one, reducing the workload. However, if the current structure must be completely demolished and removed, this must be completely done before work can start. On the other hand, an unimproved lot may need significant ground preparation work to provide a stable base. 

4. Materials

The two most common choices for parking lots — asphalt and concrete — have different timelines. While asphalt usually hardens and is ready for use in a short time, concrete takes longer. 

5. Transportation and Access

The most efficient construction project is one that's close to its sources of materials and has open, easy access for equipment. Some parking lots, especially on unimproved properties, offer plenty of access for even the largest equipment. However, others may require working around buildings or other structures and accommodating business operations. This slows down the pace at which stages can be completed. 

Where to Start

How will each of these factors affect your particular parking lot project? What other local factors might also cause delays — or even speed up the process? Start by meeting with a commercial paving contractor in your area to find answers to your questions. Armed with the best information up front, you'll find the best time to build your lot with minimal stress and maximum efficiency.