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Three Reasons Why You Should Sealcoat Your Asphalt Parking Lots

Asphalt materials are an ideal choice for constructing pavements and driveways. They are budget-friendly, sustainable, safe to use, and offer the concrete a smoother surface. However, the bad news is asphalt parking lots can degrade over time when subjected to extreme weather conditions like rainwater and UV rays, translating to asphalt decomposition. Additionally, if heavy trucks and vehicles frequent your parking lot, the weight applied can cause damage. Neglect and poor maintenance can also result in periodical cracking and the formation of portholes. Thus, to curb these issues, hiring professional paving contractors to conduct asphalt sealing is highly recommended to extend the life of your parking lot. Here are three reasons why asphalt sealing is beneficial. 

It Offers Erosion Protection

Asphalt can erode over time regardless of its quality or location. Everything from poor maintenance and neglect to temperature variations where the sun's UV rays and humidity increases erosion. Occasionally, all it takes is for a vehicle parked at the same spot or drive through the same spot repeatedly for the asphalt to cave in making the paving base uneven. It may result in cracking, formation of potholes, or dents. Thus, as a business owner, you should consider hiring proficient contractors to conduct asphalt sealing to curb these issues. Although asphalt seal coating is a corrective measure, the contractors ensure they fill up the holes and cracks before applying the asphalt sealing treatment. Asphalt sealing prevents water from penetrating the surface and breaking down the asphalt. 

It Creates a Positive Impression

Clients approaching a business premise whose outdoor parking lots have cracks and holes, or are discolored may assume the worst about your business. Thus, having asphalt sealing may improve the look and feel of your parking lot. Hiring a paving contractor to do the sealing is imperative because they know how many gallons of sealing treatment are required for the project. Note that a good contractor knows that a parking lot may need about two coats of sealing material. Thus, seal coating your asphalt parking lot may help restore its original look and allow clients to form a positive perception of your business. 

It Extends the Parking Lot's Lifespan

Having a paving contractor conduct the asphalt sealing on your parking lot is more vital and reasonable than doing a DIY. A good paving expert is often highly trained and experienced in knowing that refined tar sealers may last longer than asphalt-based sealers. Though both sealers offer similar results, the tar-based sealer ensures your driveway, parking lot, or pathways last longer extending their life. Schedule timely asphalt sealing services to restore your paving's durability. 

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