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Asphalt Sealants

Petroleum crude oil is used during the production of asphalt products. The oily properties of asphalt cause paved surfaces to bind with motor oil and gasoline. Liquid spills can spoil the appearance of fresh asphalt. If you are having new pavement installed on your commercial property, choose one of the following asphalt sealings to protect the pavement.

Coal Tar Emulsion

Coal tar emulsions are not petroleum-based. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays and moisture. After applying this type of sealant, a secondary coat may not be needed for a few years or longer. A coal tar emulsion sealant is commonly used to seal driveways and large parking lots.

Because coal tar emulsion sealants contain a gray pigment, some manufacturers produce products that contain color additives. The additives are used to darken the pigment of a sealant product. Sealcoat particles may be tracked into a home or business, directly after a sealant has been applied. 

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are chemicals that are naturally found in coal. These chemicals are considered pollutants. In recent years, some jurisdictions have introduced regulations that forbid property owners from using coal tar emulsion sealants. Consult with your paving contractor, to determine if your property is eligible to have a coal tar emulsion product added to it. 

Asphalt Emulsion

Liquid asphalt cement is emulsified in water during the production of an asphalt emulsion product. This type of product is used to strengthen and darken pavement. Because it contains the same properties as asphalt, it will not be resistant to stains.

Some emulsion products may be guaranteed to only last for one season. The cost of this type of product will likely be less than other coatings, due to its inability to withstand stains and the likelihood that a subsequent coat will need to be applied each year.

Acrylic Sealants

An acrylic sealant is more pricey than the previous two sealant types. It will provide pavement with a hard, durable top layer. Acrylic products are designed to add deep pigmentation to paved surfaces. Acrylic sealants can withstand liquid and dry stains, ultraviolet rays, and water.

An acrylic sealant may last for many years. The long life of an acrylic product may reflect upon the inflated cost that a consumer will be required to pay to have a parking lot or driveway sealed. Some manufacturers produce sealants that have various colors. If you would like to give your driveway or parking lot a custom look, choose a sealant that is uniquely pigmented.