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Tips For Using An Asphalt Recycling Machine When Running Your Asphalt Paving Business

If you run an asphalt paving business but do not already have an asphalt recycling machine, then this is an investment that you will probably want to make sometime soon. You might already know that you want to use an asphalt recycling machine, but you might be looking for as much advice as you can get since you might be new to the process. This advice should help you get started. In no time, you can take full advantage of the benefits of using an asphalt recycling machine.

Understand Why an Asphalt Recycling Machine is Worth the Cost

First of all, since you might have been able to run a successful asphalt paving business so far without an asphalt recycling machine, you might not really think that it's a necessary investment. However, an asphalt recycling machine is well worth the cost for businesses like yours for these reasons and more:

Know There Are Both Hot and Cold Recycling Options

If you don't know much about the asphalt recycling process, you could be wondering how the process works. You could be wondering if it is done at high temperatures or cold temperatures, for example. What you might be surprised to learn is that there are both hot and cold asphalt recycling options, and some machines are capable of performing both types of recycling. Hot asphalt recycling is much faster, so it might be the recycling method you will want to use when you are attempting to create usable concrete on a job site. However, cold asphalt recycling helps reduce costs, which makes it an even more environmentally friendly and budget-minded option for dealing with old asphalt.

Add the Right Materials Into the Mix

When you use an asphalt recycling machine, the main thing that you will be mixing up for re-use is old chunks of asphalt. However, you will need to add some water and some additives to the mixture as well. This helps speed along the asphalt recycling process and helps you ensure that the recycled asphalt is of a good quality.