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3 Signs That Indicate You Need Commercial Paving

If you are a business owner, one of your main concerns should be your building's exterior condition. It needs to be attractive, comfortable, and safe for everyone that visits your premises. It may be tempting to overlook the signs that show your paving needs repair or replacement. But if you notice the signs and take the appropriate action, it can last longer. Here are three signs that indicate you need commercial paving:


Cracks on your pavement can be caused by weather conditions or vehicles driving on the surface. Moisture can also compromise the integrity of your paving over time. If you don't take care of the cracks, they may affect vehicles' tires. If you notice that the cracks are getting progressively worse, it could indicate a more significant problem that needs professional assistance from a paving contractor.

Commercial paving contractors can take care of the cracks in your asphalt or concrete as soon as possible and save you from expensive repairs. They use various techniques to repair or replace damaged surfaces, depending on the issue that caused the damage. For instance, if heavy rains cause damage to your business's pavement, they might recommend asphalt reconstruction with crack filling sealant. On the other hand, if the damage is due to wear and tear, they may recommend installing new pavement.   


The freeze and thaw cycle can cause potholes. When water seeps into the pavement's cracks during winter, it can freeze. This expands the ice and can cause a pothole to form. Potholes also happen if you have an issue with drainage on your property that causes hydrostatic pressure underground, making soil over time more susceptible to erosion and cracking from heavy vehicles going back-and-forth across them. Paving contractors can fix your pavements by filling in the potholes and sealing cracks. This will stop water from seeping into them and creating further damage.

Worn Stripes or Patches

Stripes are essential for the efficiency and safety of your company. They need to be maintained and kept in good condition at all times because they guide vehicles entering the parking lot or turning around on your commercial property. You may think that worn, unrepaired stripes are just minor details, but you could end up with an accident if someone doesn't know where safety zones begin or end because the lines have faded.

If you notice that the paving's patches or stripes are worn down, call in commercial paving services. These contractors will assess the damage on your stripes and advise you on the type of repair needed. They will also decide whether it's best to do a patch repair or replace the entire lot with new material. This way, they'll prevent serious issues such as potholes from developing.

Hiring commercial paving services is a great idea. These contractors will ensure that your customers and employees tread on a safe surface as they transact business on your premises.