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Paving Your Parking Lot

Having a paved parking area can make your business more attractive to potential customers while also keeping the property easily accessible. Due to the importance of this property upgrade and the costs that are involved, you will need to be sure that you are maximizing the results that you will get from these projects.

Have A Plan To Control Ice

The accumulation of ice on the parking lot's surface during the winter months can be one of the more common hazards that will have to be managed with your parking lot. Otherwise, the risk of an accident occurring on the business's property could be substantially higher. Luckily, there are ice control systems that can be integrated into the pavement that will make preventing these accumulations much easier and less damaging to the pavement. Without the use of an integrated ice control system, you would be forced to use salts or sands to prevent the ice from gathering on the pavement, which can substantially increase the wear that the pavement takes over time.

Prevent Water Accumulations From Developing

In addition to preventing ice from gather on the pavement, you should also try to limit the amount of water that can collect on or near the pavement. Prolonged moisture exposure can be highly damaging to the pavement. This is due to the ability of the moisture to seep into the pavement where it will be able to cause significant damage by weakening the interior of the pavement so that the surface can be more prone to cracking. A comprehensive drainage system will be necessary for reducing the chances of the pavement developing cracks relatively soon after being poured. For the best protection, these drainage systems should also service the perimeter of the pavement.

Ensure The Pavement Is As Thick Enough

The pavement that is used in your business's parking lot will experience substantial strain over the course of time. To make sure that the pavement is capable of withstanding the strain that can be expected, you should have it poured fairly thick. A thicker pavement will cost more, but the increased durability can spare you from needing to have it repaved for much longer. A commercial paving service will be able to help you determine the optimal thickness for the pavement for your parking area. Also, they can help you understand the impacts that the thicker pavement will have on the curing process for the new parking lot.