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This Summer Is The Perfect Time To Re-Pave Your School Or University's Parking Lots

School is out for the summer, and much of your school or university's campus might be sitting empty. While the students are away, this may provide the perfect opportunity for your maintenance crews to do some repairs or make needed upgrades across your various buildings. But while you are working on those things, don't forget about another important part of your campus that can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance. This is likely the emptiest your school's parking lots will likely be all year long. Here's why you should contact a local asphalt paving company about re-paving your lots this summer.

You Can Close the Lots for Re-Paving Without Creating a Parking Headache for Faculty Members and the Entire Student Body

When the school year is going on, many of your lots are likely crowded, and it might be a logistical nightmare to even close a single lot for repairs or maintenance. Trying to tackle re-paving while there are students and faculty using the lots will simply create a logistical mess for everyone trying to find a parking spot on campus. It'll also likely take you longer to get the job done campus-wide because you obviously can't just shut down all of the lots at once while there are so many people on campus. The off-season or summer will allow you to tackle many more lots within a much shorter timeframe.

Pave and Re-Paint to Create More Parking Spaces

The lots being completely empty may also provide an opportunity to adjust your entire parking layout to create more spots. You could also patch up some potholes that have maybe prevented people from using certain areas of existing lots during the school year. Work with an asphalt paving company on the logistics of your setup, and by the time the students return, there might be more parking available for everyone.

Continue to Keep Your Campus Safe and Limit Your Liability

Potholes, divots, and other defects in your asphalt are not just an annoyance, they could also be a safety problem that leads to property damage or someone tripping or stumbling while walking through the lot. A freshly paved lot will improve your campus safety and limit your liability if anyone does somehow get injured while walking across a parking lot.

The summer months are the perfect time of year to assess your current parking lots across campus and patch them up before the school year starts anew. Contact a local paving company today to get started.