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Excavation As Essential Prep Work For An Asphalt Sports Court

When property owners want a basketball or tennis court constructed, excavation may be required before grading and paving begins. In many cases, the ground is not ready until contractors remove some dirt and redesign this part of the land. The existing soil might not be adequate for a foundation. Unsuitable soil makes a paved surface vulnerable to settling, cracking, and developing uneven areas.

Full Service

Paving contractors providing excavation service are more convenient for the customer, who otherwise would have to hire two different companies. With the full service, one contractor completes the entire project. That includes excavation prep work, the placing of any necessary substrate material, grading the land, and the installation of asphalt. Future maintenance and repair service also is available. This kind of construction can be completed on residential, commercial, or institutional property. 

Residential Sports Courts

Homeowners with a large lot or acreage might like the idea of a private court that could be used for tennis and volleyball. For basketball, a relatively small court could have just one hoop. If more land is available, the project might be a short design with hoops at each end. Once the design is decided upon, excavation work can begin.

Corporate and Institutional Settings

Corporate owners may want excavation for a sports court where employees will be encouraged to play for the goals of fitness and socializing. This sort of participation is recognized for building camaraderie among workers. In the institutional setting, schools often want an asphalt area on a playground. Commonly, there are basketball hoops and an open space for freeplay of games like kickball.


The property owners must make sure that the contractor has access to all equipment and vehicles needed for excavation, grading, and paving. Removal of inadequate soil and placement of fill requires transport of the materials. That may require a dump truck or multiple trips with a smaller vehicle.

In some instances, the only way to access the land is through a neighboring property. The customer must obtain permission from that property owner.

Concluding Thoughts

After the asphalt has been placed and sealcoated, it will remain in excellent condition for a long time if necessary repairs are completed promptly. Small holes and cracks should be filled before they expand into larger flaws. Also, the edging tends to begin crumbling as the years pass. That's especially true in climates with frequent freezing and thawing. Crew members can shore up the edges of the court and complete other repairs as needed.

Reach out to a local paving contractor if you need excavation services.