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Pothole Maintenace And Repair Services To Keep Up With Pavement Maintenance

If you have pavement with potholes, proper repairs are important. The upkeep of your pavements should include these repairs. There may also be other issues that you want to address when repairing potholes. The following services will help you deal with these issues to keep up with maintenance:

Replacing Eroded Base Materials

Any problems with potholes are often caused by the base materials and soil eroding away. This leaves voids beneath the surface that eventually cave in. The base materials that have eroded away will need to be replaced before the pothole damage can be repaired. When the base materials have eroded, a hardening agent like cement can be added. This will help stabilize the loose aggregate to prevent damage from developing further.

Improve Drainage

The drainage of paved areas is also important. Poor drainage can lead to problems with erosion that will eventually cause potholes. There are improvements like curbing and drainage tiles that can be installed to help protect your pavements. The drainage improvements may be needed to prevent issues with erosion that can lead to problems with potholes. The pipes of pavement drainage systems can also collapse and cause issues. Thus, there may also be pavement drainage repairs that need to be done when fixing problems with potholes.

Repair Potholes and Cracks

Cracks may be another cause of issues with potholes. First, the potholes need to be repaired. After repairing the potholes, any cracks in the surface of pavements will also need to be repaired. Special crack filler materials can be used to bond the pavement back together. This can help prevent potholes and other damage to surfaces. It is important to have cracks properly repaired to avoid issues with sections of pavement coming loose and causing potholes.

Seal Coating

If you want to protect your pavements from wear and problems with wear, then seal coating is essential. The seal coating will protect the surface of the pavement from wear and damage. Therefore, after the potholes have been repaired, a seal coating can be a great solution to protect your pavements. The seal coating may also eventually wear out. Thus, seal coating should be done every few years to ensure pavements are protected. Colored seal coating can also cover up the pothole repairs and cracks in pavement surfaces.

Repairs will ensure pavement lasts and reduce costs. Contact a pothole repair service to have these problems repaired before they grow, like Pot-Hole Paramedics.